Eat Here, Feed There at Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe

Baybrook Mall

Visit Baybrook Mall for Eat Here, Feed There

Cal icon Now – Fri, Dec 31
Time icon Daily
Houston Food Bank

Eat Here, Feed There™ . For each crepes sold with the Food bank logo, Sweet Paris donate one meal to children in needs

The 3x crepes involved in the program are the :

  • Breakfast crepes - The Allison PArfait
  • Savory Crepes - Truffle Caprese
  • Dessert crepes  - Lemon & Sugar

Through the Eat Here, Feed There™ program, Sweet Paris Baybrook Mall managed to sell 2243 crepes and raise 740.19 USD to support the Houston Food Bank for 2020. 

Sweet Paris Baybrook is delighted to continuously support the Houston food bank through the  Eat Here, Feed There™ program!

Location icon Level 1, near Star Cinema Grill
Parking icon Park near Star Cinema Grill
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